Thanks to everyone who participated in our second topic: Donor Sperm! How does having a third party, a donor, shape our families, or the process of creating a family? Read on:

Little Monster and Mommies: It’s DONOR not daddy, thankyouverymuch
Small Obsessions: Blog Carnival!
Romancing the Story: LMAF2: Donor Sperm
An Offering of Love: Donor Conceived
Mothering Makena: LMAF2: Donor Sperm
Love Invents Us: Donor Sperm
That’s a lot of Esses: Donor Sperm
Journey Toward Our Baby: To Know or Not to Know
In Loco Parentis: LMaF2: Donor Sperm
Family Squared: Brad
Path to Parenthood: The Donor Post
Love Plus Love Equals Marriage: Donor Talk
The Real Gay Agenda: Blog Carnival: Donor Sperm
First Time Second Time: Donor Sibling Registry, yay…or nay…or…
Bionic Mamas: Blog Carnival: Donor Sperm
Next in Line: Not All Dads are Roosters
Living Intensely: If Your Offer Your Sperm to a Lesbian…
Cookin’ Up a Baby: Username Challenged
Chunk and Mommy: To Sell or Not to Sell


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  5. chunkandmommy said:
  6. […] of weeks for a variety of reasons, and I’m so glad it’s the current topic for the blog carnival. For us, at this point, with a 14-month-old and two vials on ice, it’s less about unknown vs […]

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  8. Oooh I’m going to add, too:

  9. I can’t make my link post 😦

  10. Do I have to do something special to allow me to post a link? If I include one in my comment, it just doesn’t show it at all?

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