The theme is disappointment. The experience of TTC is rife with disappointment, heartbreak: BFNs, fertility issues, money issues. Then pregnancy brings challenges and disappointments: not liking being pregnant,the role of the non-bio mother in birthing classes. Parenting at times feels like a continual exercise in disappointment. Adding a sibling into the mix brings challenges and disappointments, or not being able to add a sibling when you want to. As queer parents we are sometimes disappointed with people who seem not to be able to respect our families, sometimes strangers and sometimes friends. Then there’s the big disappointment of society and how we fit into it. So write away: how has disappointment affected you? How have you overcome it? How does it shape you? We all have our visions and dreams of how things will go, from trying to get pregnant to what it will be like to parent. Then we come up against reality and it’s almost always not what we expected.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for starting this. I’ve been reading other folks’s blogs for years, but have just gotten up the courage to start my own. Here’s my post for this topic:

  2. Leslie said:

    Wow I just found this and love the idea. Everyone has been so honest, hard hitting, sincere and at times, made me smile. Great idea. No new babies for us, as a matter of fact my partner and I just became grandmas 🙂 with that brings a whole new set of challenges. But none the less I have enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Thanks to everyone who is joining in. Leslie

  3. Jaime (Cheeks' Mommy) said:

    I’ve written my post! Here is the “Correct” link LOL:

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  5. This theme definitely spoke to me. Enough so that I brought my blog back out of hiding. Please note that this post is PW protected – PW is lazydog (yes, it seems ridiculous that I’m publicly posting a PW, but work with me here). I will also forewarn you that I am still in the throes of disappointment, have not yet figured out how to overcome it.

    Link is:

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