The theme is secrets, but not the painful bad kind. What is your deep dark parenting secret, the one you don’t really mention in public. Do you give your three year old a bottle? Do you bribe your kid to cooperate? Do you breast feed your preschooler? Is ice cream a regular on your breakfast menu? Spill your secrets to the world, I bet you’re not actually alone.


Comments on: "Call for Submissions: October 24th Blog Carnival" (13)

  1. Here’s the link to my post. Eager to read everyone’s!

  2. […] are YOUR parenting secrets? Come stop by Love Makes a Family and participate in today’s blog carnival! Share […]

  3. Sacha said:

    thanks everyone! I’m going to be behind in getting everything up today because I have a kind of busy Monday going on. I’m excited to start reading.

  4. And here’s mine! I’m excited to participate this time. Also can’t wait to read everyone’s posts.

  5. gus&otto said:

    I’m bringing my blog back from the dead and attempting NaBloPoMo. I’ve been following the carnival and here’s my contribution, Of Babies and Breasts –

  6. I’m happy to contribute again this month 🙂 And I’m looking forward to reading along with everyone else!

  7. Good Articles I was Looking For A Blog And founded This thanks and Plz post more.

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