The theme is marriage.

Who ever dreamed we’d have three states legalize same-sex marriage all at once and our very first defeat of a DOMA law in a fourth. It’s monumentous day for queer rights. So, blog about it. What does marriage mean to you? To your kids? Do you live in a state that doesn’t have it? Do you live in a state that does? If your state just approved it, what was it like to go through having your civil rights voted on? Is marriage even the right place for queers to be focusing their energy?

Blog away and comment with your link by Friday the 16th.


Comments on: "Call for Submissions: Nov 16th Blog Carnival" (15)

  1. We got married in Massachusetts in 2004 when gay marriage first became legal here.

  2. Mine’s from the 25th October, so I hope that is okay? It seemed silly to write a second post on Same Sex Marriage just two weeks after the last one. This one is my submission on the New Zealand Marriage Equality Bill currently before our Parliament. It’s passed one stage of voting, two more to go…

  3. […] plan to write about marriage in general later this week, for this fine blog carnival. I hope to read some of your posts on the subject, […]

  4. […] to get me started down the writing path. So I’m pretty pleased that the first topic of 2012 is marriage. In a way, it’s where our journey as an official Citrus family began. Not because we weren’t […]

  5. […] This post is part of the Love Makes a Family Blog Carnival.  See the prompt and the list of posts here. […]

  6. So happy that the Carnival is running again. I love reading all the posts. My post is here:

  7. I’m new to this…if our post shows up with a referenced links, do we still need comment with the link? Just in case:

  8. […] here, terribly late, are some disjointed thoughts on marriage for that blog carnival I told you all about. Can’t wait to read the rest of the […]

  9. chunkandmommy said:

    I never got around to posting about “marriage” but here is my post today regarding “divorce’ and the legal loopholes of same-sex marriage.

  10. Live in northern ca. It was legal for a few months so we tied the knot! And even though its not legal here right now the state still sees us as married and we can file taxes together on state level…not federal though

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