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Call for Submissions: Sept 26th Blog Carnival

The theme will be donor sperm.

There have been a lot of articles about donor sperm in the media lately, mostly centering around straight couples who use a donor to conceive, some about the large numbers of donor siblings that come out of sperm banks that use the same donors sperm over and over. Are there ethical issues? Does the industry need more regulation, and if regulation happens how does that affect the queer TTC community? How does it feel to have to use a donor in order to concieve a baby? Have you used a known donor and why did you make that decision? Donor ID release? Completely unknown? Do you contact the donor sibs or leave it be? How does it feel to be part of a large donor sib “family”? How do you talk to your kids about their donor? What are your fears and your joys around using a donor?

Blog away, add you link by Monday the 26th, grab a link to add to the end of your post and the carnival will make another round!!!


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